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2019 Construction Intern Awards Dashboard

This scholarship program is dedicated to showcasing the top construction interns across the nation and the companies that help them succeed.

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Weekly Scholarship Contest

New contest every week from July through August

After reading this week’s prompt, send us a photo and write a 60-150 word caption that answers the question while giving us the story behind your picture. Once you’ve submitted your entry, share with friends so you can gather votes and use the tag #ConstructionInternAwards for a chance to be featured!

Popular Vote Prize


Panel Selection Prize


Scholarship Week #2:

Topic: Safety Dates: (7/16 - 7/22)

How has your internship company made safety a priority?

Safety is an important part of every job but it’s even more critical in construction. Describe how your internship company keeps you and your coworkers safe while you’re on the job. You can talk about policies/precautions but also tell us about culture and how that contributes to a safe working environment.

Construction Intern of the Year Competition

Intern of the Year Contest

Accepting entries from 07/09/2019 through 9/30/2019

$10,000 grand prize will be awarded to the construction intern with the best entry at the end of the competition. The next three runner-ups will each be awarded a $4,000 prize.

Past Weekly Scholarship Contests

Scholarship Week #1

Topic: Your Story
Dates: (7/9 - 7/15)

Why did you choose an internship in construction?